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COLA Limited is best known for their short term products and services.


We can help you in the approval of loans from $3,000 to $30,000


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Every day, people around the world discover they need help with their finances to deal with unexpected expenses, but find they are ignored by traditional lenders. So in 2017 we launched a lending service that people could access online, tailored to their needs with all cost clearly shown upfront, the concept has proved popular.

Our products are designed to provide responsible solutions for the everyday financial needs of modern life, especially for people who are not well served by mainstream financial services. Two of our principles are flexibility and transparency. We provide automated decisions to applicants based on the information provide in their on-line application.

Our Brand

COLA is designed to meet people's financial needs. Our products help take the headaches out of day-to-day money management in a way that is responsible, and which means people who are not well served by traditional lenders can stay more in control of their finances. COLA is here to help people take positive decisions and get on with their lives.

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To pioneer and deliver smart financial products and services of the future.


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